Wuxi LanYu international trade co., LTD is a professional collection development, design, production, sales integration company. Our factory - wuxi dongsheng gift box accessories factory was founded in 1996, has 20 years of rich manufacturing techniques.

Wuxi LanYu international trade co., LTD. Is specialized in all kinds of glass boxes, glasses cloth, notebooks, gift bags, EVA, soft bag, handbag, cosmetic bag, receive bag, pen bag, an umbrella. Our factory (WuXi dongsheng jewelry gift box factory) registered capital of ten million. Annual sales of 5 million. Factory covers an area of 10300 square, building area of 7200 m squared, plant a total number of 150 people, especially the management personnel, the ministry of foreign trade, design department, domestic sales department, sampling personnel, maintenance personnel.

We have a complete export SMETA social compliance audit, it is a human rights for all industries, moral, the capacity of comprehensive investigation, also included in employee health and safety, working environment and business ethics in the business.

Wuxi Dongsheng gift box of the main customers in Europe market, accounting for 70% share of production, the north American market accounted for 20% of production share of the southeast Asia market accounted for 15% of production share.

About quality inspection and testing standards, the factory have incoming inspection records, process inspection records, outgoing inspection records, testing records, quality statistics, defects analysis and quality improvement, and have special sampling personnel specifically for bad product rework inspection or destroy and record, also have after-sales department specialized guest returns and customer complaints handling.